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Top 7 occasion wear styles to flaunt - Quick fashion guide
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Top 7 Occasion Wear Styles To Flaunt – Quick Fashion Guide

109 ViewsDesigner Gaurang Gupta puts his money on more originality and innovation . No matter how much we enjoy wearing and flaunting western wear, ethnic Indian clothes hold a special place in our hearts when it comes to special occasions. The vibrant colours, intricate embroideries and rich fabrics make our hearts melt for these gorgeous …

Are Fashion Illustrations Making A Comeback?
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Are Fashion Illustrations making a comeback?

3,266 Views Browsing through the internet I came across this vintage magazine cover with pencil sketches dated back in the 1850s. In this era of digital fashion photography seeing a leading fashion magazine cover with hand-drawn pencil sketches is absolutely engrossing. So here I would like you to take a ride along with me exploring …

Demystifying - Bespoke, Made-to-Measure and Ready-to-wear
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Demystifying – Bespoke, Made-to-Measure and Ready-to-wear

364 ViewsWith the fashion industry evolving each day there is a certain meaningful differentiation that has to be understood from words like Made-to-measure, Custom-made, and Bespoke. Each of these categories in the fashion world has its own significance which seems to be getting lost, as people use them interchangeably in different contexts. Maybe these labels …