EthnoStylist, Krishna Kumar

You Deserve Love So I Will Give You Fashion

You Deserve Love So I Will Give You Fashion

His passionate charism towards learning and exploring fashion is what is the most made me sit down and decode this young man. Krishna Kumar, a 21-year-old EthnoStylist from the birthplace of Kamarajar, Virudhunagar has been making quite some noise and has made a place in the heart of ladies with beautiful designs. His answer to what makes his designs so popular is “you deserve love so I will give you fashion”. Learn more about his journey, secrets success mantras and everything else there is to know about him.

Krishna Kumar
EthnoStylist Krishna Kumar

Where did your story for becoming a fashion designer start?

I can’t be definite but I was into drawing since my childhood and always wanted to become an artist but as a kid, my parents were not that supportive of it because it seemed more like a hobby than a full-fledged career. I was 90% scorer and had an immense liking to Chemistry, I guess now I know why they didn’t take it seriously. So weird was my obsession with drawing that I used to even enjoy drawing benzene structures. Thank god fate played its role and got me a seat for the textile graduation program. This was the place where I discovered my love for being a fashion designer. One of the nights of the third year in college I quite randomly tried drawing croquis and illustrations. Even though my croquis looked like it was deformed my friends loved the designs of the clothes. This prompted me to keep trying to improve my illustrations. That is my long story not quite small of becoming a fashion designer.

What is that one overwhelming experience that you ever experienced?

Overwhelming? Hmm, well there are few of them but I will tell you my most memorable one out of them. It might seem silly to you but it was the first time when I learned to pedal the sewing machine, and somehow like some dream every seam turned out to be just perfect. That’s is one of my most happiest memory.

What do the term fashion and fashion designer mean to you?

For me, fashion is poised perfection. It is what gives you a style benchmark so being a designer is like living in a world where all the imaginations can be turned into a possible reality.

Ethnovogue Collection
Designs Of EthnoStylist Krishna Kumar

Who are the designers that you dote on?

Oh god. You really shouldn’t be asking me this. I have a huge list of designers that I admire. But I have a team of 34 designers to back me up when I am in need of a dose of fashion. Well, I like to call them team but they are basically gods and legends of the fashion industry. It gives you a boost of energy to think that you are working alongside these people and by alongside I mean the same industry called ‘fashion’. Well here is my list of all-time favorite designers

  1. Cristobal Balenciaga for his sophisticated yet simple silhouettes,
  2. Karl Lagerfeld for his ethereal fabric manipulation in all of his collections,
  3. Alexander McQueen for his unconventional and unreal imagination,
  4. Marc Jacobs for his essence of making beautiful shows,
  5. Yves Saint Laurent for his exceptional silhouettes that really revolutionized the fashion century,
  6. Christian Dior for his elegant couture,
  7. Christopher Kane, Gareth Pugh, John Galliano, Comme des Garcons, Maison Margiela, Vivienne Westwood for their avant-garde ensembles,
  8. Gianni Versace, Givenchy, Stephane Rolland for their luxury and royalty designs,
  9. Guo Pei because of the way she creates her dresses, she owns the perfect couturier if you ask me,
  10. Zuhair Murad, Ralph & Russo, they have the most dazzling inspirations,
  11. Jeremy Scott, Alexander Wang and Oscar de la Renta for bringing a sense of weirdness and craziness in their designs,
  12. JJ Valaya, Falguni Shane Peacock, Gaurav Gupta, the way they bring traditionality in the western silhouettes is just mind blowing,
  13. Nigel Chia for his demuse doll creations,
  14. Robh best for his Mattel Barbies
  15. Hayden Williams for his out of the world illustrations,
  16. Olivier Rousteing, Nicolas Ghesquière, Maria Grazia Chiuri, Delpozo, Pierpaolo Piccioli for their purpose of being Chief Creative Directors in some of the most notorious luxury brands,
  17. Christian Louboutin, Giuseppe Zanotti for their forward footwear fashion

I know, I know its a huge list but it is not my fault that we have so many amazing people to look up to.

What are the hardships of being a designer?

I think the most difficult thing is to stay true to yourself as well as the fundamentals of design. It is very easy to get lost in this big industry. For me personally, it was handling critics with a positive approach.

Where do you draw/take your inspiration from?

You Deserve Love So I Will Give You Fashion
Constellation and ancient scripture inspired projects

I strongly believe in juxtaposed creativity and hence take inspiration from almost everything. It’s like a visualization of reality that comes from a part of my imagination. All I see is clashing creativity that ends up being a great harmony.

How did you feel when one of your designs were sold out?

It is a very emotional feeling to see someone trust, love and buy something that you created. It was one of the most celebratory moments of my life.

How did you become an EthnoStylist at EthnoVogue?

I’ve always wanted to create something special in other life’s and with that in mind I started searching for fashion houses and that’s how I found EthnoVogue.

Your message to young designers out there or young aspirants out there.

Revival is the ultimate key to the survival of your passion. No matter how cruel the sleepless nights, worthless jobs seem, pursue of your passion, burn your inner fire so that you can illuminate your vision to this world.


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