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Our Most Loved Diwali Looks For The Season- Escape The Usual Fashion

Escape the usual fashion

Women are bound to face day to day challenges. And by challenges, I mean, the perfect shade of lipstick for that beige-brown kurti and matching sandals but also not overdress for just a brunch out with the girls! You can relate to this too? Imagine if everyday outings require much attention and care! Then what about that ‘once in a year big festival’! Where the whole family gathers together and sisters and aunts always rush to give a report analysis of our outfits for the day!

“It is important that we stand out on every occasion and feel like a queen” is every girl’s secret dream!

Well.. we have picked out a few outfits that we love this diwali! If you are looking to escape the usual fashion and slay this season, then scroll down and explore our most loved looks this Diwali!

Universal fashion with crop tops and skirts!

crop tops and skirts

Thinking out of the usual fashion this Diwali? Keep it stylish and contemporary with an alluring crop top and full skirt and bring in the festive mood! Crop tops have become universal that can be paired with anything from shorts to jeans to skirts to pants! A sprinkle of sequins, embroidery and rhinestones bring in the Indianness of your outfit. There are quite a few styles to pick from to bring out the festive goddess in you. From different sleeves to the fabrics, we have a selected range of the best for you.
The go-to Lehengas

The go-to Lehengas

A quick question! “What’s the go-to outfit for young Indian women for any special day!?” Lehenga..

Yes! It’s been quite the fashion statement for the gorgeous young women out there to flaunt their curves and styling choices for any Indian festivals or occasion. From various colors to blouse styles and skirt and dupatta styles, you are spoiled with so many to choose from! Be it pleasing pastels or bold in black you also have a customizable option for your outfit.

Gowns- The Game Changer

Gowns- The Game Changer

Floor length dresses are beautiful but can they be traditional? Yes! And why not? The net jackets are quite game changer these outfits. You can flaunt these like two compl outfits for this Diwali.

Pair these floor length gowns with your favorite jackets and minimal jewellery with a cute hairstyle and makeup! The fact that these gowns have the same fabric throughout or monochromatic, would look exquisite with contrasting jackets or even sequins, nets and embroidered jackets!

Pro tip: Style your new gown with a lace cape or net cape with minimal accessories and a simple hairstyle to be simply irresistible!

Anarkali for the sophisticated ones!

Anarkali for the sophisticated ones!

Anarkali is known for its sophisticated style with fitted bust and flowy pleats till legs. They are either knee, ankle or floor length. Designed to make anyone look more feminine and regal, these styles have always been in demand!

If this is the look you are hunting for this season! Then think no more! This Mughal outfit makes you feel like royalty and enhances the shape of your body in the right way!

With ravishing neck lines. Irresistible colors and cool fabrics, you can slay all the way!

Subtle in Pant Suits

Back to the basics is always trendsetting! Steal the limelight with being the subtle queen. This is definitely a jackpot for those who think, ‘Less is more!’. Go monochromatic with pant suits with matching dupatta and jewellery to elevate your look to the next level! You can purchase separate pieces from the outfit and pair them with your favourite ones to mix and match this Diwali!

You can also customize the style of the kameez, the sleeve and also according to your height from

Rajakumari in six yards

Any Indian occasion where you cannot spot a saree is equal to rains on the planet Uranus! Yes! This outfit that straight up screams ‘Indian’ from every aspect is the very first choice for us Indian women! The fabrics, exclusively used for this attire and blouse designs and most of the ravishing necklines with suitable jewellery simply completes the outfit! They enhance the curves as it hugs the body in the right way. They are royalty in six yards and the draping styles vary according to the regions and culture in India. You can never go wrong with a Saree this Diwali. With new stylish necklines and plain sarees with embellished borders could turn you into an Indian cinderella!

This Diwali, the most awaited Indian festival where we embrace our culture and tradition, don’t forget to embrace your Indianness and flaunt femininity and stand out with pride! Let your outfit speak for you and you complete it with a big smile!

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