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Wedding Guest 0utfits 2022 – The Most Voguish Ideas.

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Hurray! Yet another set of the wedding ceremony is down the line. Aren’t you excited for the wedding season that has started and you have to choose an entire set of wedding outfits to decide on what dresses to wear at a wedding and what would look good on you? One of the important tasks in this line-up is to find the perfect outfit for the perfect ceremony.The choice of outfit must be comfortable to wear till the end of the party as well as dance-friendly. It’s very important to note that all the focus light will be on you if you are close to the bride or groom. you have to note all perspectives right from the hairdressing to matching sandals for the outfits.I have got a complete race of latest ideas that you must check before starting wedding shopping as a wedding guest.
Carry your best

The first and foremost question that comes to our mind as a wedding guest is what outfit to wear on what occasion? Now, this is an oxymoron question. It is simple as well as complicated as there is a huge choice and options are available on the internet. Choosing the best one is literally a task. You have to check whether the outfit is ritual appropriate and it has to go with the theme as well. The choice of colors is yet another challenge.Here is an opportunity to get all decked up for the wedding as a guest. Grab inspirations from our website.

Different ceremonies
Usually, Indian traditional weddings are carried out for three days.In the Hindu wedding, the first day will be a small ceremony that is performed within a small group inside the house with very close people to the bride and groom. Then comes the second day which is sangeet and Mehendi together. On this day the bride will put on Mehendi and at the sangeet, the bride and grooms with their family and friends join for the evening dance celebrations.Then comes another ceremony Haldi where the bride and groom will have haldi applied on their face and body as it’s a ritual.The final day will be the wedding day followed by the grand reception.

Wedding guest outfit for women

The women’s category, they have more choices to choose from.The most commonly chosen outfit is the lehenga choli because that’s the one which lifts up and shows our body to the greatest. But we have many suggestions in that category down the line. Lehenga with different top styles

  • Flowy Tube blouse
  • Corset style blouse
  • Off shoulder and one-shoulder blouse

This lehenga has been crafted beautifully with white fabric and floral embroidery. The blouse which can also be called a choli has been designed modish and fashionable way as it has a tube but flowy top delicately created with a flowy design which is fresh and chic.corset style blouse which is recently in trend is magnificent for a V-shaped body. A solid corset-style top and a floral lehenga can be the sumptuous option to wear as a wedding guest.One shoulder and off-shoulder blouse is evergreen. This blouse is beautifully designed with off-shoulder sleeves and embellishments. So, this is one of the perfect wedding guest outfits.

New Trends In Sarees

Saree is always a very good option to wear on Indian weddings are incomplete without a saree. However, there is a trend change, a modish form of saree will always be loved by everyone.Now a days , there is so my designs in a saree which shows the creativity of the designers.Contemporary sarees can be used in wedding parties, night wedding and is an impeccable wedding guest outfit again. Different designs and patterns are contrived in the sarees nowadays.Let me show you some examples of it.


Ready to Wear Saree

A Ready to wear saree is a very easiest option one can choose to wear at the wedding. It doesn’t take much time as well as it looks incredible at weddings.The pleated saree is very much in trend now. This saree is extremely perfect for the gala wedding party. This will not be less than a stunning look if this saree is paired with a perfect blouse and a belt.Next in trend is this gorgeous sequence saree. This particular piece of saree is nicely crafted in detail with sequence all over the saree. This one can be worn on all occasions, particularly as a night wedding party outfit.

Next in our rope are men’s wedding guest outfits.

It’s not only women’s fashion that rules the world, it’s also the men’s fashion which shows variety when choosing the outfits.

Colourful Kurta Pyjama Sets.

Keeping our Indian traditions alive… One kurta at a time! Kurta pyjamas are forever in trend. This Kurta is particularly made with colourful fabric and wonderfully designed in cotton and printed.

Floral kurta pyjama is still ruling the fashion world. It’s not only the floral prints, also floral embroidery is in trend. An exquisitely created men’s Nehru jacket makes a person looks dashing in pictures.

Asymmetrical hemlines.

The next in fashion is asymmetrical hemlines. In this type of outfit, the asymmetrical shape enhances the outfit to the next level. This design is also available in jackets as well to elevate the plain kurta which is worn inside. (Bollywood vouge style) So, when we understand finding an appropriate wedding outfit is such a task, there is no harm in taking help from us. Be versatile while choosing your outfit as a guest and flaunt your style astonishingly.There is no need for a search, in ethnovouge, we make dresses custom made as per your requirements and body type. Check out our website now.

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